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The Vertical Platform Lift (VPL)

The Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) comes in three basic configurations: enclosed (EN), shaft way (SW) and unenclosed (UN). Each can be customized if necessary to meet your specific needs and blend into your decor. These can be installed indoors or outdoors. Before we offer a solution, we like to visit your building and review the floor plan to identify any code clearance issue and develop alternatives. We also consider the decor and finishes in the surrounding space. By looking at the complete space, we can provide a total solution that will work with your space, not against it.

Enclosure (VPL-EN)

Complete unit can be installed with little construction provided clearances are provided. Can be installed indoor or outdoor with an optional Plexiglas dome and ventilation fan.

Shaft Way (VPL-SW)

Utilizing a shaft way built by a contractor, the shaft way model almost disappears into the decor.

Un-Enclosed (VPL-UN)

These lifts offer a versatile solution for spaces where a shaft way is not possible and the full enclosure is not desired. Can be installed indoor or outdoor.