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Midwest Accessibility Products offers a variety of portable wheelchair lifts. Theses types of wheelchairs lifts offer flexibility and can be used on multiple stairways within a facility.


The Super-Trac is a portable wheelchair platform lift that provides instant, affordable accessibility where stairways are a barrier. The unique platform design accommodates all types of wheelchairs including power, child, sports and conventional adult wheelchairs. The Super-Trac is easy to operate, robust and incorporates many safety features.


The Stair-Trac is a portable wheelchair lift that attaches under most standard wheelchairs and can be used indoors or outdoors. It allows an attendant to easily move a person in a wheelchair up and down stairways with the touch of a button. The Stair-Trac is an affordable access solution that is available immediately.

Midwest Accessibility

On school field trips, church excursions or weekend drives, this portable wheelchair lift is easy to load into vehicles using the optional loading ramp and fits in most car trunks.

STAAGE - Portable Vertical Wheelchair Lift

The STAAGE lift is a safe, simple and cost effective accessibility solution for low-rise vertical barriers such as stages and podiums. This lift is easy to use and can be wheeled out of sight when wheelchair accessibility is not required. The STAAGE has all of the functionality and safety you would expect from Garaventa.

The regulatory requirements for portable vertical lifts in public facilities vary from one jurisdiction to another. For information regarding use of the STAAGE in your jurisdiction, contact us.