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Midwest Accessibility Stairlifts
Commercial Lifts

Public Building Starlift Solutions

Midwest Accessibility Products sells and services the most technologically advanced Stairlifts on the market. We provide effective stairlift solutions for Churches, Community Centers and Public Buidings allowing maximum inclusion.

One of the main things to consider when deciding on a stairlift for a public building is weight capacity. We sell lifts with the highest weight capacity on the market. A specific model that we recommend boasts a robust 400 lb weight limit. It is also available with a wider seat.

Stairlifts for straight stairs

Straight stairlifts are used in cases where a single flight of stairs leads from one floor to another with room to park the unit at each landing. In these cases we supply stock units and adjust the rail length at the time of installation to fit your stairs.

Custom Curve Stairlifts

Custom-Curve Stairlifts are used in a situation where you have either have multiple flights of stairs between levels or a single fight that curves. In this case a single straight unit will not work. For these cases we survey your stairway and work with our manufactures to design a custom lift to your stairwell configuration. Another benefit to the curved stairlifts is that they have the capability of being designed to turn and park off the stairs at the upper or lower landing.