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Residential Lifts

Residential Lifting Solutions for Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana

Midwest Accessibility employees are experts in making your home both safe and accessible. We provide numerous new and used in-home accessibility lifting products. Along with sales, we service not only our quality products, but most of the products in the industry.

Midwest Accessibility


Straight and Custom-Curve Stairlifts are a safe and affordable way to make your multi-level home accessible.

Midwest Accessibility

Home Elevators

Home Elevators are a great way to make your new or existing home easily accessible while increasing the value of your home. They are safe, reliable, and easy-to-use.

Midwest Accessibility

Inclined Wheelchair Lifts

Residential Inclined Wheelchair lifts can be installed in new or existing homes where constructing a vertical shaftway is not a viable option.

Midwest Accessibility

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Vertical wheelchair lifts can solve your accessibility challenge and make your multi-level home accessible.

Midwest Accessibility

Porch Lifts

Porch Lifts are vertical platform lifts designed specifically to meet residential codes. They are cost effective, easy-to-use and much more functional than ramps.