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Midwest Accessibility Stairlifts
Residential Lifts

Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling Lifts allow you to care for yourself or someone else, independently, in your home. Independence includes help with a transfer from bed to wheelchair, moving into and out of a bath, or toileting. No one solution fits all. Sometimes it´s a ceiling lift. Sometimes the best solution changes with your needs.

Our manufacturer has a full range of products dedicated to providing you independence in the most practical and cost-effective manner possible. We can provide the right product to fit your needs.

Multiple Models

We can provide a number of models to fit your specific needs. Transportable lifts solve many of the problems that make transfer complex or difficult. They are light weight, portable, and designed to provide complete control for the care giver. Certain models can carry up to 600lbs.

Ceilling Lift Accessories

All of these lifts are available with a variety of accessories including carry bars, charge stations, trolley assembly, fixed and ajustable lanyards, and much more. Please feel free to contact us and one of our professionals will be glad to help you with your solution.