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Wheel Chair Lifts for Residential Applications

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Midwest Accessibility Products would be proud to provide your business or home with an inviting, functional, and affordable wheel chair lift. People know that when they need handicap-accessible options, they can come to us.

Before you decide to leave your beloved at home because of seemingly insurmountable stairs, give us a call or view the options on our website. It's our goal to revamp your space and allow you to live, and work, where you want. Far from being a 'politically correct' amenity, these chair lifts are now considered a basic necessity for churches, courthouses, condominiums, universities, and restaurants. A business owner who does not have handicap-accessible options risks being seen as unsympathetic, and will ultimately miss out on business. Our lifts can accommodate an outdoor space, winding stairways, and vertical obstructions, allowing a person in a wheelchair to move about the home or business just like anyone else! If you're an architect in the design stage, consult with our experienced team. We're experts on the Americans with Disabilities Act code and will make sure your design is up to par.

Our products can be truly life altering. Look no further for a wheel chair lift! Midwest Accessibility Products can repair, install, and maintain their stair lifts, emergency lifts, and elevators.