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Midwest Accessibility Products provides safe, affordable, and fast lifts. Stair lift maintenance, repair, and installation with our team means excellent, ongoing functionality of your unit. For many, these lifts are not luxuries, they're necessities. We'll make it possible for you or a loved one to stay in a family home even when mobility has been affected. If you're a business owner, we'll make sure your setup conforms to ADA code.

Churches, universities, and post offices are just some of the public arenas that are beginning to provide lifts. For straight stairs or curved staircases, we'll provide customized railings to fit your needs. Our lifts are attractive. While functionality is the most important aspect of any unit, we'll do our best to find a make and model that fits the aesthetic of your home or business within your budget. It's best to be ahead of the curve, don't you think? Implement your lift before law mandates it. If you're an architect, we'll provide high-quality specs so you can budget appropriately and make your space legally accessible.

Browse our long list of options and get your own stair lift today! Midwest Accessibility Products is passionate about the work we do. Give our experienced staff a call for a consultation and see what we can do for your home or business. We've been known to make a lifetime's worth of difference. Don't let limited mobility get you down! Call today.

Stair Lifts for straight stairs

Straight Stairlifts are used in cases where a single flight of stairs leads from one floor to another with room to park the unit at each landing. In these cases we supply stock units and adjust the rail length at the time of installation to fit your stairs.

Custom Curve Stairlifts

Curved Stair Lifts are suited for spiral and multi-level stairs. These lifts are custom built to match your stairs and even have the ability to park off the stairs should space at the landings allow.






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